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Imagine the advantages of being a successful entrepreneur and earning an income while working on your own schedule and spending more time with your family and friends. iShopiWin offers a generous cash commission program, that is unique, innovative and one of a kind in today's market.

By becoming an associate with iShopiWin, you can begin to experience the benefits of earning money that is payable to you with two methods, either by using your PayPal account or by cheque. It's simple, refer a person to our site, if they choose to purchase an item, you will receive a referral fee once they have completed their transaction.

We offer this great incentive to you with no obligation or purchase required. Our team at iShopiWin has put together all the necessary steps in order to make this simple and easy for you to refer and solicit the people you have chosen. Remember each time you connect a person and they make a purchase, you can drive your income higher! Enjoy the benefit from their purchasing power, it’s that simple!

What we offer?

  • This incentive program for you to earn money, is 100% free and offers no obligation on your part.
  • We have set up the proper marketing tools to help you begin to solicit and refer the people of your choice.
  • We offer you complete access to track how much commission you will earn on all products we offer on our website.
  • We offer you a unique way to start making cash commissions, and by referring people to our site, you give them the opportunity to benefit from our great selection of merchandise.
  • Gives you a chance to have a career in sales, by working from home in a stress free environment at the touch of your fingertips referring and soliciting your own contacts

About the marketing tools*:

As soon as you register:

  • You can share our link and send your own personalized invitations (email, social networks, your own website, …).
  • You can import contacts from GMAIL, YAHOO and other email accounts, and use our auto-generated invitation email message**
  • You can also promote our products directly from your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • You can review your invitations and keep track of which people you have chosen to send this information to.

About the commission*:

  • This commission is money that is payable to you by using your PayPal account or by cheque if you prefer. This in fact is more ideal then a store credit or points, because you can get the cash directly in your hands electronically or by mail.
  • As an associate, you can browse through our website, and all products page have their own cash commission, showing you the amount you can earn. This is your associate privilege and is confidential.
  • The commission is payable to you 15 days after the merchandise is delivered to your contact and once they are satisfied with their product they have purchased (not returned).

*Some limitation applies. Please read our term and conditions if you want to know more about these limitations.

**We reserve the right to cancel invitations if they are abusive.  Invitations should be made to valid email addresses and must have been acquired legally.